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Soma Has Closed a US$5M Offtake Financing and Made the Second Tranche Payment to Mineros

Soma Also Announces August Gold Production of 1,671.5 Ounces

Sept 9, 2020, Vancouver, B.C. – Soma Gold Corp. (the “Company” or “Soma”) announces that the Company has entered into an Off Take Agreement with Nueva Granada Gold Corp (“NG”) and a Purchase and Refining Agreement (collectively the “Agreements”) with MVPR International Incorporated (“MVPR”) (a wholly-owned subsidiary of NG) for the mineral production at the Company’s Operadora Mineras S.A.S. (“Operadora”) operations in Antioquia, Colombia. The terms of the Agreements are as follows:

  • Under the offtake, MVPR has advanced Soma US $4.5 million of the US $5.0 million (the “Advance”)

  • Soma will sell its doré production exclusively from the La Ye, Mangos and Balvina Cordero mines (collectively the “Mines”) to MVPR

  • Under the offtake agreement, Soma will pay to MVPR a percentage of the gold ounces as follows:

  • 12% of the first 24,500 ounces delivered

  • 6% of the next 22,000 ounces delivered and

  • 1% of the ounces delivered until the end of the production of the Mines

  • NG will take senior security over the assets of Operadora

  • The loan from Conex Services, Inc (“Conex”) to Soma is subordinated to the Advance

  • The Agreements do not cover the El Limon Mine, the Nechi property or any subsequent mine, deposit or property that Soma brings into production

  • It is expected, based on current estimates of future production from the Mines, that the Advance will be re-paid before December 31, 2023

The Company used US $4.5 million of the proceeds of the Advance to pay the second tranche payment under the Share Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) between Soma and Mineros S.A. dated June 4th, 2020. This payment satisfies all of the SPA conditions, and the shares of Operadora, held in escrow pending the second tranche payment, have now been released such that Soma now owns 100% of Operdora. The balance of the Advance of US $500,000 will be used for general working capital purposes and to cover the cost of this transaction.

In addition, Soma announces that the August 2020 production at its 100% owned Operadora subsidiary in Colombia was as follows:

  • Production from the mine of 12,321 MT

  • Recovery of Au: 87.1 %

  • Plant availability: 93.5%

  • Ounces of gold produced: 1,671.5 ounces (forecast: 1,095 ounces)

  • Gold sales: US $3.205 million (average price: US $1,917.30 per ounce)

  • Average grade: 5.02 gpt.

The Company also announces that it has received the approval from the Colombian Government to open a second portal into the Balvina Cordero deposit. In addition to the portal already under construction, this portal will speed up the development of the higher-grade deposit at Balvina and give access to a possible extension of that deposit.

The Company continues to expand the exploration drilling program for the northern extension of Balvina. Total exploration drilling during the month of August was 942.3 meters and YTD has been 11,142.5 meters. The Company expects to provide an exploration update in October 2020.

Geoff Hampson, Soma’s Executive Chairman, states, “The completion of the Agreements and the second tranche payment to Mineros is an important step for the Company. It completes the acquisition of Operadora, which is a major milestone in the Company’s development and allows the Company to move the project forward and to access the cash flow being generated. It is gratifying to see that production is exceeding our forecasts. Javier Cordova, Soma’s President and CEO, has done an excellent job of integrating our operations in Colombia and negotiating the offtake agreements. He has managed and directed the Company into a very strong financial and strategic position. The future looks very promising for Soma.”

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